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Dr. Harris
   A Message From the Principal

Our mission statement at LMS says that we “empower students for success.” This statement takes on multiple meanings as we seek to strengthen students academically and socially. Our intent is to have all of our students ready to meet the demands of high school and to prepare them for life after their educational pursuits have ended. Lately, we have seen a need for more emphasis on helping students develop the soft skills they need to be successful in the real world.

Soft skills are talked about and stressed every day in the workplace and in the world of higher education. In these settings, there are expectations that students and workers adhere to things such as being on time, taking responsibility for deadlines and assignments, getting along with coworkers/students, etc. There is also an underlying assumption that hard work leads to success in these arenas.

Middle school students who display positive soft skills are much more likely to find success than those who do not. Seeing school as a means to a more positive end drives the successful student to display the traits that are absolutely necessary for meeting present and future demands.

Students are building habits now as middle schoolers that will either benefit or hurt them going forward. Being on time, ready to work, cooperative with staff and a positive thinker about the educational process in general will all be determining factors in who finds success down the road. It isn’t always the smartest student who achieves at the highest level in the post-education world. Those who have instilled in themselves a desire to succeed and who display a disciplined approach to learning or working will also accomplish much in anything they pursue. At LMS, we are “empowering” our students by emphasizing the traits that lead to success.

Rhett Harris, Ed.D





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